Sustainable Australian Design Matters

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Grateful to be invited to talk about Why Sustainable Australian Design Matters at Design Show Australia in Sydney. I was joined on stage by Sophie Biet from So What, Interior Designer Anna Carin and design panel hosted Robyn Willis, editor of Kanebridge Quarterly. It was a wonderful opportunity to discuss our sustainable practices and their value in helping to protect our planet, and also how they can add to a customer’s cultural branding and story.

Recent changes to Australian construction standards have seen an increased requirement for sustainable materials and methods, and there’s talk now that in the next few years a project’s sustainable accountability will extend to specifying sustainable products. Obviously Australia made products already have a reduced carbon footprint because they are shipped locally, but they also support local economies and I believe community wellbeing.

illumebydesign has also had a strong sustainable approach to well, everything we do. From the materials we choose to work with, to our energy supply, right down to our packaging and mode of shipping and transport. Our material choices result in pretty much next to no wastage, our clay kilns are run on 80-85% solar and the 3D printing facilities runs on 100% solar power. We also use non-toxic natural clay sealers, and source as much of lighting components locally. All flights are carbon offset via a non-for-profit tree planting organisation, and our delivery vehicle is a hybrid EV. We are very conscious of the choices we make and how they impact the planet and our community.